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  • Thrive Themes 11:58 am on May 4, 2016 Permalink  

    Thrive Leads Version 1.78 Released 

    • added Share the love button
    • fixes to Amazon Ses autoresponder
    • replaced deprecated currentuser function
    • fixes for display settings select all/select none
    • fix for loading a TL template inserting the full form instead of just the content
    • better handling of multiple lightboxes on the same page
    • changed errror log screen
  • Thrive Themes 9:05 am on April 27, 2016 Permalink  

    Thrive Leads Version 1.77 Released 

    • Fix for typefocus button dissapearing
  • Thrive Themes 4:39 pm on February 11, 2016 Permalink  

    Thrive Leads Version 1.72 Released 

    • Hotfix for Autoresponder API connections in editor
  • Thrive Themes 12:01 pm on January 18, 2016 Permalink  

    Thrive Leads Version 1.70 Released 

    • New Feature: Thrive Dashboard
    • New API Integrations:
      • Mailgun
      • SendinBlue
      • Amazon SES
    • New Content Upgrade templates
    • Fixed conflict with Divi Builder + Yoast SEO
    • Fixed an issue causing the page to “jump” when displaying ScrollMat 003
    • Fixed an issue causing typefocus to not function on exit intent lightboxes
  • Thrive Themes 12:51 pm on December 16, 2015 Permalink  

    Thrive Leads Version 1.61 Released 

    • New Feature: One-Click signups (Signup Segues)
    • New Feature: Thrive Box opened by menu items
    • New Feature: Delete Archived Tests
    • fixed an issue causing some queries to generate warnings on MariaDB HHVM
    • bugfix for conversions not being displayed properly in a Thrive Box test
    • bugfix for Asset Delivery sometimes not saving groups
    • ui dashboard fix: WordPress notifications overlapping Thrive Leads icons
    • fixed an issue: removed limitation for the Asset Groups retrieval
  • Thrive Themes 1:13 pm on December 2, 2015 Permalink  

    Thrive Leads Version 1.60 Released 

    • Changed product ids
  • Thrive Themes 8:16 am on November 26, 2015 Permalink  

    Thrive Leads Version 1.58 Released 

    • New Feature: Asset Delivery
    • New Feature: the Already Subscribed state can now be completely hidden for existing leads
    • New Feature: Delete Archived Logs
    • Improvements for screenfiller, lightbox and slide in display and position
    • Improvements for the Reporting Area
    • Improvement: the Already Subscribed state does not trigger impressions anymore
    • Bugfix for Scroll Mat rendering issues on Safari
    • Bugfix for Custom CSS not being saved across form states
    • Bugfix for Content Locking shortcode leaving an overlay after conversion
    • Bugfix for Content Reveal element not being editable in some templates
  • Thrive Themes 7:10 am on October 27, 2015 Permalink  

    Thrive Leads Version 1.52 Released 

    • new Thrive Leads form: Scroll Mat
    • new Lightbox animations:
      • 3D slit
      • 3D flip horizontal / vertical
      • 3D sign
      • 3D rotate bottom / left
      • blur
      • make way
      • slip from top
      • bounce in
      • bounce in down / left / right / up
    • renaming of Lead Shortcodes and ThriveBoxes is now possible
    • added a “blank” template set for all Thrive Leads forms
    • removed duplicated border controls from ribbon form
    • various improvements to the Reporting system
    • fixed a bug where content was clickable behind a content-locking shortcode
    • query string variables are now passed to the custom filters also when using Lazy Load
    • allow transparency settings for screenfiller background
    • fixed a bug causing the dashboard to not render completely when a form / form type is missing for a test
  • Thrive Themes 12:22 pm on October 7, 2015 Permalink  

    Thrive Leads Version 1.49 Released 

    • Added 10 new multi-step form templates
    • Improvements for the widgets
    • Improvements for the reporting section
    • Saved lightbox templates now appear when editing Lightbox states
    • Improvements for the KlikTipp API Connection
    • Improvements for the Drip API Connection
    • Renamed 2 Step Lightbox into ThriveBox
  • Thrive Themes 10:57 am on September 24, 2015 Permalink  

    Thrive Leads Version 1.46 Released 

    • Hotfix for image not being resized properly in the editor
  • Thrive Themes 10:16 am on September 23, 2015 Permalink  

    Thrive Leads Version 1.45 Released 

    • New API Connections:
      • ArpReach
      • Drip
      • ConstantContact
      • ConvertKit
      • MadMimi
    • New Reporting View: Lead Source Reporting
    • New feature: “Close form” Action is now available in the Event Manager for inline forms
    • Admin dashborad – fixes for conflicts with MemberMouse and EditFlow
    • fixed conflicts with WPEngine
    • fixes for utm tracking not being reported correctly in some cases
    • fixed conflicts with q2w3 plugin
    • fixed a bug on the SmartLinks feature causing shortcodes and 2-steps to not work in some cases
  • Thrive Themes 9:41 am on September 9, 2015 Permalink  

    Thrive Leads Version 1.44 Released 

    • New feature: Thrive Smart Links
    • New feature – caching mechanism for impression and conversion count
    • fix for closing Ribbon and Screenfiller with videos inside – video not stopping
    • plugin url is now protocol independent
    • fix 2-step lightbox (with multiple states) not being trigger the second time


  • Thrive Themes 6:36 am on August 21, 2015 Permalink  

    Thrive Leads Version 1.43 Released 

    • fixed a bug that caused TCB activation page to return a 404
  • Thrive Themes 11:58 am on August 19, 2015 Permalink  

    Thrive Leads Version 1.40 Released 

    • Screenfiller templates added to the 2-step Lightbox shortcode
    • New Reporting View – Growth Report
    • The plugin is translation-ready
    • Editor – new element added: Data Elements
      • Progress Bars
      • Fill Counters
      • Number Counters
    • Font Manger – added Web Safe fonts
    • Editor – Improved Paste algorithm (cleanup messy code coming from MS Word / google docs etc) in Mozilla
    • bugfix for displaying shares with Lazy Load
    • prevent multiple form types of the same type being added for the same Group
    • compatibility with wordpress 4.3
    • improvements for videos used in forms
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