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  • Thrive Themes 9:42 am on May 3, 2016 Permalink  

    Thrive Content Builder 1.200.8 Released 

    • Compatibility with flowplayer5 shortcodes
    • Added controls for google maps embeds
    • Changed order in which Landing Pages are displayed in choose template
    • Simple Membership plugin compatibility
    • Fix for PHP everywhere shortcodes don’t work on TLPs
    • Better handling for multiple lightboxes on the same page
    • Input type password shows dots on iPhones fix
    • Removed grammarly tags on save
    • Compatibility with TL template inserting the full form instead of just the content
    • TCB compatibility with Paid Memberships Pro
    • catch errors with themes that cause issues with tcb opening media library
    • added possibility for lightboxes to be set on exit intent for landing pages
    • fixed icons on Corp email Confirmation LP
    • fix for table cell manager not functioning properly
    • fix for font-size breaking when selecting text
    • latest Yoast + latest TCB issues fixed
    • hyperlink feature fixes
    • fixed logical operators between filters on Post grid
    • improved responsive video element
  • Thrive Themes 8:39 am on April 27, 2016 Permalink  

    Thrive Content Builder 1.200.7 Released 

    • Fix for typefocus button dissapearing
  • Thrive Themes 4:39 pm on February 11, 2016 Permalink  

    Thrive Content Builder Version 1.200.2 Released 

    • Hotfix for Autoresponder API connections in editor
  • Thrive Themes 12:02 pm on January 18, 2016 Permalink  

    Thrive Content Builder Version 1.200.00 Released 

    • New Feature: Thrive Dashboard
    • New Feature: Wistia videos
    • New Feature: Wistia popup added to the Event Manager
    • New option for the video element: self hosted videos
    • New feature: video thumbnails and customizable Play buttons
    • Improvements for the evergreen countdown timer
    • fixed a bug causing some meta tags to appear twice on a Landing Page
    • compatibility with EduSearch plugin
    • improvements for post grids with custom fonts
    • fixed an issue causing FB comments to appear in reversed order
  • Thrive Themes 12:50 pm on December 16, 2015 Permalink  

    Thrive Content Builder Version 1.101.18 Released 

    • New Feature: Image Zoom Event Manager action
    • Improvements to the social sharing cached counts
    • Improved compatibility with Yoast SEO
    • Rewritten tags for Thrive Landing Pages
    • Improvements for ArpReach and iContact and AWeber API Connections
    • fixed a bug related to page section color not being applied
    • fixed a bug causing multiple selections to be triggered when pressing Ctrl F
    • fixed a bug causing TLP export to not work in php 5.2.17
    • fixed a bug causing the placeholder for disqus comments to be applied on other elements in editor page
  • Thrive Themes 1:13 pm on December 2, 2015 Permalink  

    Thrive Content Builder Version 1.101.17 Released 

    • Bugfix for icomoon icons style not being processed correctly
    • Changed product ids
  • Thrive Themes 8:16 am on November 26, 2015 Permalink  

    Thrive Content Builder Version 1.101.15 Released 

    • New Feature (only with Thrive Leads): Asset Delivery
    • New Feature: Multiple drag / drop / edit
    • Improved compatibility with A3 Lazy Load images
    • Improved stability for Custom scripts in Landing Pages that add jquery to the page
    • fixes for rendering the mega button shortcode
    • Compatibility with the latest version of Yoast SEO
    • Fix for custom CSS being lost when switching between Thrive Leads form states
    • Removed the Twitter share counts, due to Twitter removing support for the public count API
    • Conflict between TCB and SegMet metrics javascript
    • Fixed a bug causing GoToWebinar connection not saving
    • Fixed a bug causing lightboxes to not be positioned properly
    • Fixed a bug causing SSL issues on imported Landing Pages
  • Thrive Themes 7:24 am on October 27, 2015 Permalink  

    Thrive Content Builder Version 1.101.12 Released 

    • new feature: Facebook and Disqus comments
    • new feature: TypeFocus functioanlity for text elements
    • fixed a conflict between TCB control panel and Divi theme
    • invalid events are now hidden from the list of events
    • fixed an issue where fb init causes javascript to crash on the page
    • fixed a conflict between Landing Pages and Agency Pro theme
    • improvements for the Content Templates compatibility with Meta Slider
    • ArpReach API Connection – update contact if it already exists
    • improved parsing of Lead Generation autoresponder codes
    • Pinterest issues with media / post links
    • fixed a bug causing <script> and <noscript> tags to not be handled properly with Custom HTML element
    • email field is now of type “email” (the correct keyboard type appears on mobile devices)
    • improvements to the facebook init function on frontend
    • fixed an issue causing some APIs to timeout on Bluehost hosting
    • fixed a bug causing the lightbox to not be scrollable on iPhones
    • fixed a bug causing Post Grid not to filter categories with apostrophes in names
  • Thrive Themes 12:22 pm on October 7, 2015 Permalink  

    Thrive Content Builder Version 1.101.9 Released 

    • New API Connection: HubSpot integration
    • New feature: Font Import Manager
    • New feature: custom background patterns for Page Sections
    • New feature: reCaptcha integration with Lead Generation forms
    • New feature: Import / Export system for Landing Pages
    • New feature: Styled frames for the Responsive Video element
    • Web Safe fonts can now be chosen directly from the editor
    • Added a year placeholder in Landing Pages, instead of displaying the current year
    • Improvements to the Custom Font Manager
    • Improvements to the KlikTipp API Connection
    • Improvements to the Drip API Connection
    • Mouseover colors for icons
    • Improvements to the landing page loader
    • Improvements for the progress bars and fill counter elements
    • Fix for adding ?tve=true to the end of the URL manipulating the content
  • Thrive Themes 10:56 am on September 24, 2015 Permalink  

    Thrive Content Builder Version 1.101.7 Released 

    • Hotfix for image not being resized properly in the editor
  • Thrive Themes 10:40 am on September 23, 2015 Permalink  

    Thrive Content Builder Version 1.101.6 Released 

    • New API Connections:
      • ArpReach
      • Drip
      • ConstantContact
      • ConvertKit
      • MadMimi
    • New Landing Page sets:
      • Copy 2.0 Landing Pages
      • Homepage Landing Pages
    • Responsive Video Element: added support for Wistia videos; additional controls added for the element
    • ActiveCampaign API – added parameter for sending autoresponder instantly
    • ActiveCampaign API – user data is now updated
    • Number counter element – additional number options
    • Table element: alternating colors for rows
    • Fixes for progress bar responsiveness
    • Content Toggles can now be reordered
    • Content Reveal: maximum delay increased to 6 hours
    • Post Grid: added check for apprentice categories
    • Fix for not being able to bold text while using a custom font
    • Fixes for the social sharing element editor lightbox
    • Replaced get_the_permalink with get_permalink – causing errors in WP < 3.9
  • Thrive Themes 10:55 am on September 9, 2015 Permalink  

    Thrive Content Builder Version 1.101.5 Released 

    • New feature: Thrive Quick links for texts, images and icons
    • Active Campaign integration – now also supports adding tags
    • Page section element – added border and shadow controls
    • Content container element – various improvements
    • Improvements to the responsiveness of editor lightboxes
    • Fix for incompatibility with Business Directory Plugin
    • Improvements for the content reveal element
    • Apprentice categories added to Post Grid filter
    • API Connections – Ontraport now retrieves all the lists
    • Fix for cloned elements having the same ID
    • Improvements for SendReach setup and ActiveCampaign
    • Fix for text not appearing when the countdown is finished and the page is refreshed
    • Social sharing elements – improved compatibility with themes
    • Font-size and line-height now allow decimals
    • Improvements to the page events
    • Compatibility with the S3 Media Vault plugin
  • Thrive Themes 6:36 am on August 21, 2015 Permalink  

    Thrive Content Builder Version 1.101.4 Released 

    • fixed a bug that caused the license activation page to return a 404 Not Found
  • Thrive Themes 11:59 am on August 19, 2015 Permalink  

    Thrive Content Builder Version 1.101.2 Released 

    • New Element added: Data Elements
      • Progress Bars
      • Fill Counters
      • Number Counters
    • New Font Manager for Landing Pages
    • Font Manger – added Web Safe fonts
    • New Landing Page sets:
      • Confluence
      • Phonic
    • The plugin is now translation-ready
    • Autoresponder API:
      • ActiveCampaign now allows choosing also forms, besides lists
      • Added new API integration: KlikTipp
    • Improved Paste algorithm (cleanup messy code coming from MS Word / google docs etc) in Mozilla
    • Social Sharing Element: Pinterest problem on lazy loading
    • Improvements to the UI/lightboxes in the editor
    • Improvements for the Infusionsoft API integration
    • Added custom class / ID controls for Content Containers
    • clear margins / paddings bug fix
    • disabled video autoplay in edit mode
    • fix for icon losing its color when being changed
    • fixed conflict between social sharing elements and facebook comments
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