Thrive Themes Builder version 0.7 released


  • Improvements for sections size and position


  • Typography font fix
  • Fixed an issue with shortcodes not being rendered when creating a symbol for the first time
  • Fix for clearing css of theme prefixes before saving a template
  • Fix for columns resize handle
  • Dynamic styled list fix
  • Fix for dynamic list
  • Dynamic featured image fix


  • Bold decoration problems in typography
  • Save symbol from within the post list
  • Display inside the editor / preview the dynamic featured image
  • Edit load more with froala
  • Hide Load More when there are no more posts to show
  • Admin reset page
  • Boxed layout toggle issues when inheritance involved
  • Post list refactoring and renaming from “dummy” content to “sample” content.
  • Dynamic Video – Dynamic Thumbnail
  • Loading Message functionality added