Thrive Architect version 2.1.9 released

New Features

  • Added short-code support inside links
  • Global Styles for¬†Background Section Element
  • Global Styles for¬†Content Box Element
  • Global Styles Improvements for Button Element


  • Fixed an issue where the Social Share icons from the Social Warfare plugin were not displayed properly
  • Fix: Mobile table header for plain text element
  • Fixed an issue causing sticky full width background sections to be resized when scrolling up
  • Fix for image caption changing its formatting on undo
  • Fixed an issue causing right margin to not be applied ( introduced with the addition of individual width settings )
  • Fix: Sticky button inside a symbol doesn’t loose the styling anymore
  • Fix for More Tag not working when placed before the post content
  • Fixed an issue caused by Uncode Theme incorrectly loading its CSS all over the admin area and messing up the editor page
  • Fix: Paragraph Element when using ctrl+shift+enter it deletes the content
  • Fix: Text Transform on Menu only changed the SubMenu
  • Fix for a Mozilla problem with borders for tables
  • Fix: Edit header on tablet / mobile view
  • Fixed an issue with Custom Menu Item which prevent changing TextTransform and LetterSpacing
  • Fixed an issue with width/height controls caused by changing the UOM before sliding
  • Fixed a conflict with the Syntax Highlighter Evolved plugin
  • Fixed an issue with Google Fonts when changing the font the Bold value becomes blank or does not revert to previous if/when the Cancel button is clicked
  • Fixed an issue where saving a lead generation element as a symbol moves input under the icon
  • Fixed an issue with long words used in styled list for mobile version


  • EverWebinar API integration
  • Removed Table of Contents links from search engine indexing