Thrive Architect version 2.1.4 released

New Features

  • New Sidebar Component: Scroll Behaviour
  • New UI for left Sidebar controls
  • Drag and Drop – elements are now draggable even if an element is selected


  • Numbered List Improvements
  • Styled List Improvements
  • Background Style – Image Improvements


  • Fixed an issue causing Safari to improperly handle dragstart when dragging starts with a svg icon
  • Fix for setting padding to multiple layers of columns
  • Fix: Price Boxes – missing Duplicate and Edit icons
  • Fix: Small delay when switching decorations sides
  • Fixed an issue causing global elements dashboard to not show in certain cases
  • Fix for global colors affecting master color
  • Fix: Global colors not showing on IE inside Thrive Headers / Footers / Lighboxes
  • Fix: Contact Form Element – Confirmation Email sent to the user shows br tags in the email content
  • Fix: Custom Menu closes upon selecting an option
  • Fix: CTRL + Click on menu items will open in new tab
  • Fixed an issue causing scrollbars to be hidden in Mozilla for Mac


  • Columns cannot be resized in header when gutter width is set to 0px