Thrive Architect version 2.0.48 released

New Features

  • Global Colors
  • Footer will always be situated at the bottom of the page


  • Menu improvements
  • Improved Custom HTML & Custom CSS code editor. Requires WordPress 4.9.


  • Background image settings UI doesn’t reflect actual settings after reload
  • Fancy Divider Decoration’s height cannot be changed using the field’s buttons
  • Currently Styling and Template Options panels are now excluded from the new sidebar behavior
  • Pricing Table Element – Default Decorations applied to Price Boxes loses formatting when instances are duplicated
  • Color picker responsiveness
  • Custom Menu animation fixes
  • Fixed button group font size slider not showing in certain occasions
  • Action icons on lead generation are being overlapped in edit mode
  • Bottom margin issue for Post Grid Element on tablet view
  • Fixed empty Data-CSS attributes in cloud templates
  • Widget integration fix
  • Pricing table hovered button issue
  • Fix forYoastt page-sitemap.xml count images
  • An issue causing button links to not be applied correctly in some instances


  • Overlap issue for Custom Menu when editing LP texts
  • Overlap issue on Lead Generation element while in Edit Mode
  • Missing “Clear Text Format” icon in sidebar
  • Integration with widgets added by other plugins
  • Modified the body_overlay function in order to accept CSS customization
  • Dark panel input dropdown background change
  • Color picker gradient styling
  • Removed duplicate icons (Font Awesome)
  • Small button styling for light style color picker
  • Enable Corners for dropdown element
  • And enable layout and position for dropdown element
  • Labeling, spelling stuff
  • Remove duplicate functionality detected during general refactoring
  • Light-box z-positioning for compatibility with other plugins
  • Changes to the string filter for the Theme Builder
  • Removed code that was blocking pricing table tests
  • Color picker view on smaller screens
  • Min-height added to custom menu hamburger¬† icon
  • Hide multiple select mode by default – it can be seen when you have no elements on page while loading
  • Wishlist plugin compatibility fix when outputs comment tags
  • Add state manager view in includes
  • Extra field to filter added
  • Exit string filter for the Theme Builder
  • Tcb_ajax_save_post action added when saving a post with ajax
  • Added the Edit Mode view to TVE