Thrive Dashboard version 2.0.50 released

New Features


  • (#174) Improvement: Gutenberg compatibility – added “Edit with TAr” button
  • Improvements for modals – listen for ENTER and auto-focus inputs
  • Improvements for Blank Page template


  • Headers/footers in editor fix
  • Fix for drag and drop elements in Thrive Lightboxes
  • Fix for adding font option
  • Pricing Table Fixes after the presentation
  • Fixed LP Texts – Typography Font Size shown by default
  • Fixed an issue causing FullWidth Sections not to be resized properly when switching preview modes
  • Fixed an issue where the activation error was not correctly displayed in some cases
  • Small fix for edit mode: don’t allow drag&drop near the edited element in edit mode
  • Fix for compatibility with Black Studio TinyMCE Widget
  • Prefix unserialize()
  • Sorry for extra fix
  • Small fix for code that should work only in editor
  • Fix for LP full width checkbox
  • Fix for loading templates wrapped by tcb-clear
  • Fix for edit mode selector
  • Edit mode fixes and moving arrow added


  • Small UI change regarding Pricing Table Menu
  • Hf save and close and footer background style
  • Inline icons positioning issues + click only firing on the element
  • Solved CF issue when the server is a local server, the admin mail is not sent
  • Refactor symbols / headers / footers filters
  • Full width section on full width lp (remove leftover)
  • Full width section on full width lp
  • Full width section
  • Added Default Pricing Table Template to cloud
  • Edit mode overlay anomaly