Thrive Architect version 2.0.38 released

  • Fix for theme css being disabled only if needed on landing pages
  • Fixed an issue causing the typography component to not read correct values for font color
  • Improvements for the Layout component – Advanced section – auto positioning disabled when floating is enabled
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with 3rd party plugins throwing javascript errors caused by tinymce buttons integrations
  • Fix: Margins behaves like Paddings on Column Element
  • Fixed: Conflict between Thrive Architect and WPBakery Visual Composer
  • Fix for shortcode list not being displayed correct in editor
  • Improvements for Max-width control – settings not getting applied in columns
  • Feature: Background Section & Content Box Elements – New Decoration Styles: Fancy Dividers
  • Fixed an issue causing the Thrive Leads autofill to display doubled values in Thrive Ovation capture form
  • Fixed a conflict with Event Espresso plugin – Events not being editable with Architect
  • Fix: Exit Group Editing should not deselect the element
  • Fixed an issue causing Gutter Width to be applied incorrectly on nested columns
  • Fixed an issue causing horizontal overflow on Landing Pages with no theme css when left / right slide animations are used
  • Fixed an issue causing the Landing Page fonts modal to be hidden in Chrome when page is scrolled
  • Fixed an issue causing Landing Page fonts to maintain an incorrect font-weight setting for bold texts

New Feature:

  • Custom Menu