All Content Builder Updates so Far

These are the updates from our previous changelog:

Version 1.39, 07/03/2014

  • Text highlight functionality
  • New content container element
  • New custom CSS element
  • Front page custom colour bug fix
  • Theme CSS conflict fixes

Version 1.38, 01/03/2014

  • Custom colour mappings for tabs
  • Ability to add more than 3 tabs
  • CSS changes for element selections on hover

Version 1.37, 01/03/2014

  • User role “editor” can now modify content using TCB
  • Improved text selection algorithm

Version 1.35, 26/02/2014

  • Combining of javascript files
  • Javascript minification
  • Improvements for faster loading times

Version 1.34, 26/02/2014

  • Colour picker fix
  • Theme conflict fixes
  • Numerous conflict fixes

Version 1.33, 19/02/2014

  • Conflict updates

Version 1.32, 18/02/2014

  • Theme and plugin compatibility fixes

Version 1.31, 18/02/2014

  • Theme conflict fixes
  • Fix so that menu items don’t disappear off the top of the screen

Version 1.29, 28/01/2014

  • Custom colours functionality for page sections (compatible with all Thrive Themes)

Version 1.28, 27/01/2014

  • Ability to manually enter the hex values of colours in the colour picker

Version 1.27, 22/01/2014

  • New element added – Pricing tables
  • Custom colours for elements
  • Text colour functionality
  • Numerous bug fixes to make the plugin more resilient

Version 1.26, 14/12/2013

  • New editor design (now on the side as opposed to on top)
  • Ability to add more tags to your content

Version 1.24, 28/11/2013

  • Undo / Redo functionality implemented for when you insert / move / delete elements from the control panel

Version 1.23, 27/11/2013

  • We’ve completely rewritten the paste algorithm to make it more robust to paste content from other sites.

Version 1.22, 27/11/2013

  • New Feature: Add feature grids to your content
  • New Style Family: A whole new style family for all the content builder elements
  • Undo / Redo buttons for text editing
  • Font size options for text editing
  • Numerous minor resiliency improvements

Version 1.21, 23/11/2013

  • Improved handling of copy/paste functionality for Safari on the Mac

Version 1.20, 22/11/2013

  • Improved handling of keyboard controls with bullet points

Version 1.19, 22/11/2013

  • “Are you sure you want to leave this page?” Exit popup to make sure you don’t accidentally leave the page without saving your content
  • Modify image URL after added to page
  • New Feature: Credit card icons
  • New Feature: V0.1 of the Content Builder API to add your own elements
  • Image unalign button
  • Text-align: justify button

Version 1.16, 14/11/2013

  • Text selection bug fix
  • Improved logic for “Save” and “Publish” buttons
  • Click-to-add elements
  • Anchor name functionality for hyperlinks

Version 1.15, 05/11/2013

  • Improved resiliency with image inserts using $_POST instead of $_GET

Version 1.14, 04/11/2013

  • Integration with WordPress SEO (Yoast) for page analysis.

Version 1.13, 04/11/2013

  • Resize image functionality implemented
  • Editing custom html segments implemented
  • CSS fix – responsiveness for CTA 2 and CTA 4 improved
  • CSS fix – list images more resilient
  • Button additions – Full width and open in new window additions.

Version 1.12, 03/11/2013

  • Improved handling of images.
  • Modifications to the CSS to make tabs more resilient against theme CSS clashes.

Version 1.11, 03/11/2013

  • Improved resiliency with the drag and drop editor to solve issues that a minority of TCB users were experiencing. You’ll need to do a hard refresh for this update to take effect (see below for explanation)

Version 1.10, 02/11/2013

  • New feature: Save and load user templates
  • Improved resiliency when loading template files and the control panel to avoid potential .htaccess access that a minority of users were experiencing
  • License details are now hidden after activation as requested by a number of “pro” license holders for selling onto clients.

Version 1.09, 01/11/2013

  • Changes to make the editor fast
  • Improve sorting algorithm
  • Improve resiliency against plugin conflicts

Version 1.08, 01/11/2013

  • Added support for shortcodes
  • Added preview button
  • Fixed CSS conflict with Vertex theme

Version 1.07, 01/11/2013

  • Fix for drag and drop display:none issue

Version 1.06, 01/11/2013

  • Hyperlink support for images

Version 1.05, 01/11/2013

  • Added new bullet point style (checkboxes)
  • Added improved mechanism for dropping content into the page (without the “jerkyness”)

Version 1.04, 01/11/2013

  • Fixed CSS conflicts for certain themes (testimonials and content box fixes)

Version 1.03​, 31/10/2013​

  • Initial pre launch to subscribers at reduced “beta” price.